Version Group is the company which has been selling high-quality used Japanese car since 1964. We have 13 different dealerships around Fukuoka,Japan.European Version is a part of us,is famous for official Ferrari dealership in Kyusyu area.
European Version is official dealership for Ferrari,Maserati,Rolls Royce,Bentley,Alfa Romeo,Fiat,Abarth.Renault  

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In order to sell only high-quality vehicles, we sell only vehicles that you can ride safely, conducting rigorous checks on vehicles you acquired from customers. All vehicles grasp to the use situation of the former owner and storage condition, and even the reason for letting go,
so you can purchase with confidence.


Lead Export Agent. Mr.Christopher John Thomas.


Necessary documents for a successful importation.Version Group will supply the car, ocean freight,JAAI or EAAI and JEVIC inspections as well Marine insurance to protect your investment. Everything is automated through the Trade Car View CRM.
In the final phase Version Group Export will mail all documentsNeeded to clear the car at the port prior to vehicles arrival.

The more information we know about what type of car you are searching for the faster we can assist you. Should you need immediate assistance please use WhatsApp. and dial me directly at +81-90-5737-5575 Be aware we work in Japan. JST time zone 
Or mail at Our Export service is handled in a high level of English proficiency. Our Export sales agent are experts in Export markets from Japan.

Once you have made an inquiry on one of our stocks on Trade Car View. One of our expert sales agents respond to you through the online message system. All negation for price and shipping will be done through Trade Car View. Trade Car View is Safe and reliable. Please read why here at this link.

All payments are done through the Trade Car View banking. Payment is bank to bank wire transfer called a TT wire transfer. The Trade Car View system is a fully automated CRM.Your money is always safe and secure.
We do not accept bank checks any longer for your and ours safety.






Christopher Thomas





Since being establish 1964. Version Group Co. Ltd. Has striven to be a leader in the automotive industry conducting auto sales in the most upmost professional manner. Version Group prides itself on only bringing to the consumer the highest quality automobiles and coaches available to its Japanese and International clients. For a vehicle to be deemed exportable from our company. The vehicle must meet a strict criterion. First and foremost, your safety while operating our vehicles is are priority. Version Group routinely inspects each vehicle to insure the vehicle is sound and road worthy. All vehicles we export will come complete with maintenance records from the first month of registration right up to the last phase of export prior to transporting the vehicle to the port. This allows you to purchase with confidence knowing you are purchasing the best possible export stock from the Kyushu region. Version Group Export staff have all been highly trained and have knowledge of all compliance needs and testing prior to export. Version Group does not sell cars from the auction. Are vehicles come from our Japanese clients who sell their vehicle to our buying business. All vehicle must be of the highest grade.