It devotes, and to the first confidence develops into versiongroup happily contributing, expecting employee's personality forming through the company's business, managing as happiness of development and the employee in the company unifies it, and always trying to strengthen the business structure with the customer's prosperity through all eternity.


14-21, Katakasu, Hakataku, Fukuokashi,Fukuoka
TEL092-434-3300 FAX092-434-3303


Takashi Nojima

Number of employees

86 people


Import new car and used car sales, domestic production used car sales, and articles(aero parts etc.)
Import sales, used car general purchase, Gou, car inspection maintenance, non- life insurance company, and life insurance factorage

New car official dealer

CORNES & CO.,LTD (Ferrari・Maserati)
Fiat Auto Japan(Alfa Romeo・FIAT)
Lotus Cars International(Lotus)
Mitsui & Co., Ltd.(HUMMER・CADILLAC)
Blue Frame Co.,Ltd. (SALEEN)
SUZUKI Co.,Ltd.(General Motors)

Dealings bank

Fukuoka Bank Kurosaki branch
Mizuho Bank Fukuoka branch
West Japan city bank Kurosaki branch

November, 1964
Northern Kyushu car Ltd. establishment
  Daihatsu Kogyo Co., Ltd. car sales and maintenance industry establishment in Northern Kyushu City Yahatahigashi Ward Touzono town.
  Five people of total of employee of the establishment capital 1.5 million yen
May, 1968
Used car establishing a new center(present address of headquarters)
March, 1977
Newly-built move of headquarters and service factory to present place
  District Land Transport Bureaus specification factory(private car inspection factory)
24 people of total of employee who increase the capital to the capital 5.5 million yen
April, 1979
Olio shop establishment(used car exhibition space)
The main force is sent to the used car sales.
November, 1979
Shop establishment thirdly(Araze Fukuoka Northern Kyushu branch of present)
April, 1980
CI introduction and VERSION brand announcement
May, 1981
New establishment of version pavilion
  The capital is increased to the capital 10 million yen.
March, 1985
New establishment of VERSION2(twin cam/turbo shop)
May, 1986
New establishment of VERSION3(Soarer special shop)
April, 1987
New establishment of VERSION4(1BOX/RV special shop)
January, 1988
New establishment of VERSION5(family car special shop)
  (EV/AV twin showroom of present)
April, 1989
European Version establishment Ltd.
The capital 10 million yen
New establishment of European version Caritenshiki(Van Northern Kyushu branch of present)
It begins the imported automobile sales as an European version.
European version Northern Kyushu branch showroom newly-built opening
(alpha Romeo Northern Kyushu branch of present)
November, 1990
European version Fukuoka branch showroom newly-built opening
Garage Italiya of new car regular agency Ltd. Fiat and alpha Romeo
February, 1994
Two European version shop newly-built opening(used car exhibition space)
Cornz and company limited, regular sales agency contract conclusion。
It newly establishes it in Fukuoka branch 3 F"Ferrari showroom".
New establishment of American version shop
August, 1995
Ltd.The capital is increased to the European version capital 50 million yen.
Araze Northern Kyushu renewal opening(old European version Northern Kyushu branch)
  Alpha Romeo's sales begin as a regular agency of alpha Romeo and Fiat.
  European version Fukuoka branch service factory private car inspection equipment complete set increase
August, 1996
Renewal opening of two European version shops(expansion of exhibition space)
June, 1997
American European version Northern Kyushu branch/version
  Twin showroom move newly-built opening(old VERSION5 shop)
May, 1998
The VERSION Kokuraminami branch and the Van system Kokuraminami branch are established as an annex.
April, 1999
New establishment opening of European version Hakata branch/Araze Fukuoka Hakata branch to airport entrance intersection buckwheat noodle
March, 2000
Newly-built opening in European version Fukuoka branch (Lotus regular dealer) and Fukuoka branch
  Caandoem new car regular agency Ltd.